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Maintaining enterprise applications is a mammoth task, both from the financial as well as the resource allocation perspective. The infrastructure and resource involvement can eat significantly into the overall IT budgets of an organization. Welman's matured, well-defined and highly customized Application Maintenance services enable clients to cut down on this reoccurring expense by taking complete onus of the systems involved.

Combining our keen business acumen with our technology expertise, we offer a comprehensive package that addresses several issues than mere maintenance of the existing systems. Our typical approach to any maintenance assignment involves a thorough study and analysis of the client's existing business processes and technology architecture in order get a 'bird's eye-view' of the entire system. We then engage specialist teams that work in tandem with client stakeholders to not only map but also optimize the maintenance processes involved. The end result is an SLA governed partnership that ensures minimum downtime and volatility in the applications under maintenance, which in turn results in:

Significant reduction in overall operational costs.

Increase in application response time via real-time resolution of any issues/bugs.

Mitigation of risks involved with application downtime.

Production Support Services

Welman's Application implementation, maintenance and production support service covers all phases of the cycle including planning, analysis and design, installation, configuration, deployment and support. Our offerings also include on-call production support, pro-active maintenance, bug fixing, and enhancements due to business changes, user support and training. Our 24*7 Global Enterprise model also provides round-the-clock online support as part of our maintenance activities. In a nutshell, we manage the complete life cycle of the application documenting all productivity improvements to demonstrate to our customers.

Our services are unique in that they are not merely "process-centric" but highly "end-result oriented", helping us to optimize our client's system performance through workload balancing, recovery management and response time monitoring in addition to routine tasks such as production support, bug fixing, enhancements and change management. Addressing and tackling these specific business challenges enable us to deliver impressive and demonstrable results such as lowered costs and faster speed to market.

Data Porting

Organizations today are constantly seeking out newer technologies and applications in order to survive the competitive environment. And in doing so, they are recognizing the need to migrate from old legacy systems to newer ones in order to reduce cycle times, lower costs of maintenance, increase access to critical data, improve software architecture, and augment scalability and reliability.

An important functionality of migration is Data Porting, where you need to transfer your existing data from one legacy system to the other. Welman can help you achieve this arduous task of moving data from one electronic data format to another and get your system up and running in the least possible time.

Our data porting services include editing existing data format, examining missing information, improving data quality and removing duplicate records. We develop customized code to facilitate this process and then map and transfer your data into the database design developed for you. We also help you create a back up in order to protect your data.

Application Upgrade Services

Organizations worldwide run applications and packages which impact their day-to-day operations. And to thrive in today's changing, dynamic and competitive business environment, they have to constantly re-invent themselves and upgrade their applications with newer technologies.

Our Application Upgrade services are geared to help companies migrate from an older version of the system to a newer one. By doing so, we enable you to bring about operational improvements and accelerate your time-to-revenue for new and enhanced features and services. Our Application Upgrade services include:

Welman application upgrades, enhancements, migration and maintenance.

Integration of Welman solutions with other enterprise applications, proprietary packages and legacy systems.

CTI/Web/Voice/Wireless and other third-party application integration.