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About Us


Behind every successfully realized project and team of highly skilled technical resources are individuals who drive the results. Each client and partner ultimately works with concrete people, consult with them about new ideas, assign them tasks and receive reports. Both of them celebrate the success of projects.

The Welman Team Facilitates a quicker and better set of core requirements for the customer review.

Welman has various engagement models depending on needs circumstances and customer's prefferences. We bring the right combination of technology,service offereings process frame work and business process knowledge to realise the maxrimum ROI from their IT Investments.

Welman has an extensive network of highly skilled technical resource pool and access to top technical talent through its tight connections. This enables us to quickly assemble a team of technical professionals with exactly the right mix of expertise and skills to meet your unique needs, and to grow that team as your needs evolve over time.

We place a high premium on retaining our technical professionals so you can be assured of a stable team and long-term continuity. We cultivate a collegiate, collaborative working environment in all of our development facilities, and make sure our staff members are constantly leveraging their expertise while also being challenged to keep them stimulated.